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I may be under the age of 15, but I certainly don't act like it. Everyone says that I act like I'm 35 (though, rest assured, I'm nowhere close), and I have some the of the highest grades in the class. I'm also a bit dated, almost solely because I listen to the golden oldies, e.g. Pink Floyd and The Beatles, though random because I listen to the Scissor Sisters. I like Red Hot Chili Peppers though, so it sort of balances it out.

Think really quickly: how many people do you run into that are politically involved at this young an age? Exactly: in that respect, I am definitely in the minority. I am the editor of my school paper, meaning I get to do a lot of reading and editing; I enjoy writing opinion pieces when the opportunity arises. I am also taking college classes while I am still in high school. That, and the fact that I'm a very liberal Democrat in Riverside County, California, and you have the mix for a unique high school student.

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Economic: - 5.88 Social Libertarian: - 5.23

Inland Empire, California... nowhere important, though, unfortunately


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