Death Row

Hi Guys,

                   i would like to know your thoughts in and around the 1000th Execution and if you think Death row should be still running as a punishment for Cerial killers, Murders, Cerial Rapist's ect. If not what do you think could be a punishment for these form of human beings.

Kind of group:
defies description

Its about Time to Uplift Humanity

Hi, wanted to respond to the issue. Death Row is a symbol of humanity's current cruel political system. After all, the system is what puts the people there. We have to look at a wider scope and a different perspective. there should be a rehabilitation for people who have splitted their minds from the system and can't seem to harmonize themselves to it.  I am sure there will be massive adjustments however I think its just a  matter of sticking to higher human morale' and doing away with the current justice system. It's really horrifying to think that the punishers have done more way more crimes than those they have punished....


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