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I would like to invite one person from every county of each state to join this group.


The purpose of this group is to start a grassroots organization to form a viable "4th" party, in which we can network and spread the word about a "better way".


"I have a dream"........that someday we will be able to replace the 2 party system with a 3 party system with the "4th" party being one that represents all Americans not just half of the country. We talk Politics of hope, not hate. We realise we are all Americans First and Democrats and republicans second.


The reason I say a "4th" party instead of a 3rd party, is because There are plenty of 3rd parties out there. They are all splintered and all have their own agenda. I have actually written and called these parties and recommended that we hold a constitution convention, where we could find out areas we agree on and disagree on, but the main focus would be to form a consenses and combine membership to make 1 viable 3rd party. We'll call it the Peoples Party. The Party Funded by the People for the People, with Liberty and Justice for all.

Well I think to many of them are just happy to exist and are making a living off of these 3rd parties and have no real desire to do anything great for this country.

So I am taking it on myself to start a 4th party with all of your help.


I need your help it'll be all of our's party, thats why it will be the "Peoples Party".


My long term goal is to put forth candidates who have adopted our platform and take the clean elections pledge.


We need to get big money out of politics. Clean Elections is the way to go.


But I will discuss the platform and the plan in our group.


I need some good people who are motivated and driven and who want to help wrestle the power away from the special interest and lobbyists, and Corporate America and return it back to the people, in a peaceful organized effort.


We can do this people, I have the plan and the roadmap. I just need you.


I am especially interested in web masters and anyone who has any legal expertise on campaign laws.


I believe there is strength in numbers, will you join me, and help take back this country?

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