Money Driven Medicine

Maggie Mahar
in a nutshell:
Why health care doesn't operate like other industries.

Mahar looks at the history of US healthcare - both when doctors' called the shots and now as business slips in - and explains how the peculiarities of the healthcare market place doesn't necessarily lead to better products at lower prices.


Leif Wellington Haase

Leif heads up the New America Foundation's California project, after many years as a healthcare guru at The Century Foundation.
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a fun trawl through HealthCareUSA Inc.

Although Mahar's book sometimes leaves you feeling there could be no fact or anecdote that wouldn't provide yet further evidence that the free market is just plain bad for our healthcare, this book is a great eye opener and really gets you thinking about the incentives that drive the health care industry.

I liked it. But, in the end, although I was convinced capitalism isn't going to make us healthier, I wasn't sure what alternative was sure to be better. Have to wait for the sequel.

talker | September 17, 2007 - 2:30pm