Age of Abundance

Brink Lindsey
in a nutshell:
Explains how today's right and left grew out the simple fact that most Americans were no longer worried about scarcity after WWII.

Lindsey takes a look at the never-seen-before level of wealth in the US after WWII - and the fact that most of us were no longer dealing with scarcity - to explain how our political culture and political identity got the way it is today. A fun, twisting tale, in which both the right and left end up with their fare share of hypocrices.


No one really - but the Economist really liked it

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really liked

If for no other reason, it's a fun romp through US political culture from the 50's on. Think it's most valuable, though, for pointing out how - now that almost all of us don't have to worry about scarcity - our politics mostly become about identity.

talker | August 10, 2007 - 11:01pm