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CitizenJoe is riding on the coattails of Election '08 - but instead of betting on a candidate, we're banking on the issues!

Yeah, good leadership matters, but so does having an informed citizenry. After all, to misquote George Bernard Shaw, "citizens only get the leaders they deserve."

JoeTalks takes to the road

That's why we're kicking off our national JoeTalks campaign, hooking up with likeminded groups and Joes to bring open dialogue - in the shape of Policy on the Rocks, Spirited Dialogue and JoeBooks Clubs - across the country.

JoeTalks events promote awareness and dialogue on the issues — and do so while guaranteeing guests a good time, with a cup of coffee, glass of chardonnay or cocktail in their hand. They’re a hit in NYC, and we think they'll be a hit in all 50 states too!

citizenJoe.org standing strong

While we get Joes and Janes talking across the land, citizenJoe.org will continue to offer up facts and explainers to cut through the spin. Highlighting a campaign issue a month, citizenJoe.org will draw on the talk happening on the ground to build out a broad understanding online, courtesy of volunteer writers, bloggers and readers.

spin out the JoeNetwork

CitizenJoe is looking for individuals and organizations—likeminded peeps who believe in nonpartisan dialogue—to partner with us in engaging Americans in conversation across the country. You can do so by starting a Spirited Dialogue or JoeBooks Club today - or by talking to us about hosting a Policy on the Rocks in your hood.

If you're an organization that has an idea how we can combine our multi-partisan forces to make sweet dialogue, we'd love to hear from you too.

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We want you to become a card-carrying member of JoeNation - and give some dough to spread more Joe. If you know right off that's something you want to do, we encourage you to go right ahead and

If you to hear more about what it means to be an annual member, including all the fun party perks,