What's Your Poison Kit

At our What's Your Poison? party in September, 2007 we asked the question "What role - if any - should the market play in solving our health care problems?" It was the perfect question for our left leaning yet market believing crowd - and a question we think that is at the center of the debate over health care reform.

There are no end of ways to play around with a healthcare theme, but you'll find below some of the games and shenanigans we came up with to entertain our guests.

  • Medical ID cards/nametags (pdf): For nametags, guests got to pick a medical ID from among some "famous" doctors and nurses, including Rick Springfield from General Hospital, Hot Lips Houlihan and Dr. Bones.
  • Bone connections (pdf): As with many of our parties, we force our guests to work - and mingle - for a free drink. This time we gave each guest a tongue depressor with a sticker telling them to find their connecting bone.
  • Munchies (pdf): We thought we'd let our guests nibble on the "10 miracle foods," labelling them with their health effects.
  • Operation (pdf): Who can resist a game of Operation? We meddled with our set, replacing the labels with the names and costs of common operations.
  • Factoids (pdf): As always, for curious guests, we printed out some (pretty) facts and figures on health care.
  • Longevity quiz (pdf): Guests also got to take their own self-administered quiz to see how long they had to live.