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Grab a hip venue, toss in a crowd of young professionals - conservatives, liberals and 'tweeners - add a splash of friendly policy talk - and shake!

Policy on the Rocks are events - two parts party and one part policy - that bring together New Yorkers of all political, or a-political, bents to mingle, share a cocktail, perhaps make a friend and talk about a hot policy issue in a cool atmosphere. The policy talk is optional, but partying is mandatory.

To hear about our NYC Policy on the Rocks parties, just shoot us an email and we'll put you on the list.

Past Policy on the Rocks:

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

This is Your Brain on Politics

American Idol

Don't Be Crude

The Spy Who Bugged Me

Political Prayers

What’s Your Poison?

Nuclear Fizz

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Martini Navratilova

China: The Tiger Roars - or Stumbles?

About our speaker: Ian Bremmer is the founder and president of EurasiaGroup, a political risk consultancy with a who’s who client list from ExxonMobil to Google. With a rare non-ideological brilliance, Bremmer gets paid the big bucks to understand how political instability – and so risk – intersects with economic risk. He has a few theories, one of which is the centerpiece of his much ballyhooed book, The J Curve, which explains why it’s not so easy for a totalitarian nation to transition to open, liberal democracy. You could buy his book and find out – or come hear him talk about how the J curve applies to China, with a lychee cosmo in your hand and lots of cool company. We provide, you decide.

Green v. Green: Environmentalism vs. Capitalism. A conversation about global warming.

Viva! A conversation about the rise of the left in Latin America.

On June 15th, Jorge Castañeda, former foreign minister of Mexico, joined Policy on the Rocks for VIVA!, a night of cigar rolling, Cuba Libre drinking, salsa music and conversation on the rise of the left in Latin America.

Jorge Castaneda speaks with an average Joe (Rob Carter)