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CitizenJoe is a 501c3 (that means we have the IRS's nonprofit stamp of approval), that is supported solely by donations from individuals who believe in this whole multi-partisan, fact-based, open dialogue thing. A couple of corporations have also generously kicked in in-kind donations (as liquor and product sponsors for our events and for free advertising on the web). While we're looking for seed funding from foundations, we haven't snagged any yet.

While we have received hundreds of donations from friends and supporters - to whom cJ is eternally grateful - there are a few who deserve special acknowledgment

citizenJoe's founding fathers & mothers

Our key supporters - who have donated $1,000 - $6,000

  • Anonymous, John Hancock Founder
  • David Kamin, Founding Father & 2006 Cabinet Member
  • Julia Kamin, John Hancock Founder
  • Lawrence Kamin, Founding Father
  • Lou Lowenstein, Founding Father
  • Jason Palmer, John Hancock Founder
  • Joseph Porchetta, Founding Father
  • Laurent Ruseckas, Founding Father
  • Andrew Schorr, John Hancock Founder
  • John Stockbridge, Founding Father
  • Kentaro Toyama, Founding Father
  • June Warren, John Hancock Founder

the fine print

If, by the way, you're looking for our filing info, our "official" name is "The Informed Citizen" and our EIN is 043768533. You won't find much, though, since our budget has never cracked $25,000 a year (when you have to start filing your annual 990's with the IRS) - but we hope that'll change soon!