Nuclear Fizz Kit

For our "Nuclear Fizz" Policy on the Rocks event, held in NYC in April 2007, we took on the light topic of nuclear proliferation and the pros cons of a pre-emptive military strike on Iran.

Justin Logan, an analyst at Cato, led the discussion leaning ultimately on the side of "no strike." To balance out the talk, we also invited a local security consultant, Elad Yoran, to say a few words about why the US might want to pull out the smart bombs.

The stimulating discussion was sandwiched in between a couple hours of shameless fun in which we stuffed our guests with twinkies, pop rocks and "Nuclear Fizzes" while challenging them to "Pin the ICBM on the Nuclear Regime" and "Make Your Own A-Bomb."

It was da bomb.

If you're doing a "Nuclear Fizz" in your hood, you can print out any of the sophomoric materials we came up with - or ask us to package them for you, including:

  • Suggested Readings (doc). We sent these out before the event for anyone who wanted to look smart at the event.

  • Factoids (pdf). We print out a few copies of these, cut them up and spread them around the party.

  • Fun and Games guide (doc). This spells out all the ideas we came up with and used to make our party a party.

  • Nukes of Film (pdf). We printed up a small stack for our guests to test their knowledge of nuke-themed movies.

  • Make an A-Bomb! (pdf). We stood these up by the nuts, salad spinner, nutella and chocolate cups so people would know what to do.

  • Signs (pdf). The ones we used to welcome our guests, tell them how much money to give us and the bartender and highlight our "Pin the ICBM on the Nuclear Regime" game.

  • Nametags (pdf). Our guests were invited to take a name tag with their position on the topic, writing in their own or using one of our suggestions, like "let them eat yellowcake."