get people talkin'

If there are no JoeTalks happening in your hood and no groups getting something going already - you could be the gal or guy bringing fun, open dialogue to your nabe.

start a dialogue

Interested in inspiring a little nonpartisan dialogue in your hood?

Host a Spirited Dialogue!

Spirited Dialogue is a policy talk that brings together folks of all political or a-political leanings to talk about issues that have an impact on our lives - in a friendly, informative and - you bet! - fun way.

Here's a kit (pdf) to get you started.

Post a one time event

If you want to do a one time Spirited Dialogue, you can just

  • post an event (you'll have to log in or register first, if you haven't already) and
  • from your event page, you'll be able to invite and keep track of guests.

Start a series

If you're thinking of starting a series of Spirited Dialogues, we suggest you

  • start a group (you'll have to log in or register first, if you haven't already), from there
  • members can sign up, keep track of events and post messages to the group and
  • you get to decide whether to make the group open or invite-only, and
  • you'll be able to send invites to all group members as well as forward invites to nonmembers.

go JoeBooks

Don't see a JoeBooks club in your hood - or just want to start your own? It's a breeze.

  • start a group page (you'll have to log in or register first, if you haven't already)
  • from your group page, you can
    • invite members
    • post meeting times
    • email group members about future meetings
    • allow group members to post comments on the group page

be a Policy on the Rocks host

If there's no Policy on the Rocks happening in your city - and no group getting one started - think about taking the lead yourself.

Get the basics on what it means to be a JoeHost (pdf) and, if you're thinking of taking the leap, dive in to the Policy on the Rocks How To guide (pdf).

If it looks good to you, send us an email. We'd love to help you get one started.