POTR packets

Starting your own Policy on the Rocks - or thinking about it?

Get the basics on what it means to be a JoeHost (pdf) and, if you're thinking of taking the leap, dive in to the Policy on the Rocks How To guide (pdf).

Here are some "party packets" we've already whipped up to get you on your way...

Nuclear Fizz

A party and discussion about nuclear proliferation and Iran. It seems everyone wants to get into the nuclear club today - the question is if, and how, the US can keep the club elite. With Iran looking like it could be the newest nuclear regime, Nuclear Fizz takes a special look at our options in trying to keep Tehran nuke-free.

What's Your Poison?

A party and discussion asking the question "What role - if any - should the market play in solving our health care problems?" It was the perfect question for our left-leaning yet market-believing crowd in Manhattan - and a question we think that is at thecenter of the debate over health care reform.