Talker - I Can See Your Point

I can definitely see eye to eye with you: it may indeed be a good idea to go with the people in it for more than the money. This makes me wonder, though: are those Blackwater USA employees in this for the money or for the good of others? If they're in it for the money and this stuff keeps happening, then what is the point of having them there? All it seems like they're doing at this point is adding to the problems already there. The killing of innocent Iraqis isn't going to make anyone any happier, I'm sure.

I was listening to NPR (see more at NPR) earlier today and they were running a story about the Blackwater shooting. Now, I have seen aligations elsewhere on the Internet that these were malice killings: at this point, I'm not quite sure what I think. However, from the evidence I've heard so far, it doesn't sound as though the civilians were posing any threat. So for now, I'll go with the good ol' "innocent until proven guilty" route and say that these weren't malice killings (if you disagree, please do not come after me with pitchforks). But if they weren't malice killings, then what were they? For security? As I said, it doesn't look like that as of now.

So, if they're just going around shooting Iraqi citizens, it doesn't look to me as though we're following the original game plan: I was told in 2003, as was everyone else, that we were going in as "liberators" to free the Iraqi people. It didn't really sound like it was going to work then, and if this is our way of liberating a country, by killing its civilians, it doesn't sound to me like we're the world's best liberators. Maybe it would be better for everyone if companies like Blackwater were pulled out of Iraq; maybe it would be better if we used military protection instead of private, use the people in it for more than money.