Blackwater USA & Other Private Security Firms

In a recent article by John F. Burns on the New York Times website (see, titled, "The Deadly Game of Private Security" the recent shooting by men from the protection firm Blackwater USA in more detail. The current debate is whether these private security firms are really necessary. Now, I can assume that you remember General David Petraeus's recent progress report on the situation in Baghdad. He is quoted to have said in an interview with PBS' Jim Lehrer, "There have been some encouraging indicators in Baghdad..." (britainandamerica) However, if he has reported these, "encouraging indicators in Baghdad" it makes you wonder why people would still feel the need to have the protection of such private security firms as Blackwater USA.

The Bright Side:

Now, if it makes such people as the American Democratic convoy feel safer while going through Baghdad, then it may be a good idea.

The Dark Side:

Why would Blackwater USA employees shoot down Iraqis? It seems to me that you would just be tempting fate to have that many armed men in the air above Baghdad. Honestly, I don't see how we are setting that good of an example for anyone if we just end up snipering innocent Iraqis. A quote later in the article states that (when referring to employees of Blackwater USA), "These guys run loose in this country and do stupid stuff... There's no authority over them." It certainly seems to be true. The tallying of Brig. General Karl R. Horst of the Third Infantry Division have at least a dozen shootings of civilians in Baghdad between May and July of 2005 (source 1).

It does seem excessive then to have Blackwater USA and other private security firms in Baghdad. It certainly gives out the impression that not that much progress has been made in terms of improvement of security in Baghdad.


Since most of these men that work in security for these firms were all trained by the military, I see no need for them to even exist. We are already paying the Military to do this job and with much less expense per man, that it doesn't make good sense to keep spending billions of dollars for duplication of services. All we are doing is making a select group of people wealthy at the expense of the American Taxpayer.
It would be interesting to see a list of the owners of these companies.

Barry (not verified) | July 4, 2008 - 9:54pm

Black Water

There is a somewhat lengthy article on Eric Prince, the owner of Black Water and a former Navy SEAL in the Sunday edition of the Orange County Register, October 14. In the article, Prince comes off as a real straight arrow, a patriot, and a real professional. The article also mentions that he gave no quarter under hostile questioning by the Democrats. A number of Republicans have supported him, especially Dana Rohrbacher, a personal friend. May want to do a little research on Prince to get the other side. Daleo

daleleo | October 15, 2007 - 12:20am