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CitizenJoe was born over a couple of lattes in Seattle in the Spring of 2003.


The coffee drinkers were Julia Kamin, a public education non-profiter in NYC, who had recently become frustrated over how hard it was to find balanced policy info on the web- and Jason Palmer, also working in education - but for man Microsoft, who wondered why there wasn't that one site you could go to to find dependable facts on policy.

We heard our calling and soon roped in Abner Greene, a law prof who had a knack for making complex policy issues seem non-complex, and Scott Trent, who brought a healthy dose of PR savvy - not to mention Republicanism - to join our founding board.

CitizenJoe.org went live in 2004 - offering up balanced, quickly digestible (for the average busy American) overviews of policy issues while ferreting out the facts.

Spirited Dialogue & Policy on the Rocks

While building up our volunteer writers and readership on line, it dawned on us that we could be trying out some open dialogue in real life too.

Spirited Dialogues and Policy on the Rocks are what followed - and over the past couple of years we've been bringing together New Yorkers for fun, friendly and informative dialogue - in living rooms, roof decks, bars and lounges across the city.