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As an editor, you have carte blanche to make any edits on cJ's current fact and issue pages (wherever you see an "edit" tab). Edits from Joe Editors will be approved by one of our admins. Senior Editors' edits will appear immediately.

If you are a Senior Editor and you have an idea for a new fact page or issue brief, bang it out and send it to us. It will then be posted as a link from this page and all Joe's writers will be emailed inviting them to give your entry a once over, making whatever edits and additions they think are needed. After one week, the new entry will be posted for all Joe readers to see.

Here are suggestions for new issue briefs and fact pages from us and from readers.

readers' suggestions

  • eminent domain (place to start: GAO)
  • overpopulation

editor's suggestions

  • regulating the financial markets (a brief on Obama's proposal and an issue brief on various aspects of his proposals)
  • health care reform (a brief on the various proposals in DC)
  • overfishing?
  • negotiating drug prices for Medicare
  • volunteer army vs. draft army
  • affirmative action
  • mandatory minimum sentencing
  • public financing of campaigns
  • trade with China
  • school vouchers
  • regulating credit card companies
  • union organizing with card-checks
  • voter fraud and voter ID requirements