class size


The debate over class size focuses on whether or not reducing the number of students in a class is effective in increasing levels of academic achievement.

Class sizes in the US

Unless otherwise noted, the facts below come from the National Center for Education Statistics, the federal repository for all education facts.

Average class sizes (NCES):

In elementary school:

  • 21 - 2001;
  • 23 - 1991;
  • 29 - 1961.

In secondary school

  • 28 - 2001;
  • 26 - 1991;
  • 27 - 1961.

Average class size in non public schools (2000) (pdf)

  • Catholic schools: 23;
  • Other religious: 17;
  • Nonreligious: 15.

Enough teachers to teach

Percentage of teachers certified to teach (Department of Education)

  • In high poverty schools: 92%
  • In all other schools: 95%

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