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We were idiots in the 70's, and still are!

Is anyone else sick of these incredibly high gas prices? I would imagine that I'm not alone, and at least 3 or 4 (million) of you agree. When we had our troubles in the 70's, we took it. That's all. We took it, waited for it to go away, then quickly put it out of our minds. Had we, at that time, thought "wow, this sucks! What can we do to make sure it never happens again?" We may be well ahead of our current possition on alternative fuels AND we would have tapped our own oil supplies, built more refineries, and stopped funding the Middle East!

Has anyone else heard that Cuba is going to allow China to tap into the Gulf of Mexico oil fields? I've heard quite a bit lately about China's ability, or lack there of, to safely inspect such little things as toy cars. I do not feel good about any safety measures they may put in place to reduce the risk of oil spills which could easily reach our shores!

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Visits the U.N.

Is it just me, or should there be a provision in the Unites States policy that allows foreign nationals to visit the U.N. that would allow us to decline the U.N. Visa for "enemies of the state" such as the President of Iran?  I believe that allowing this man to visit our country is absurd!  It is a slap in the face to all of those serving in the military, and especially those members of the military that have been wounded or killed by the weapons supplied by Iran to the insurgents in Iraq!  I have heard it estimated that one in three coalition deaths can be attributed to Iranian supplied weapons.  I believe that we are currently at war with Iran by proxy.

He says that he will visit ground zero to lay a wreath.  I ask, to commemorate who?  All of those Americans that died?  I doubt it.  I would bet it would be to honor the nineteen murderers that highjacked those planes.  If we cannot keep him from comming here because of agreements with the U.N., we should be able to make sure he is brought directly to the U.N. for his speach, and then immediately returned to the airport for departure!

Department of Defense (DoD) authorization bill - amendment #2919 (the Dream Act)

Why would Senator Dick Durbin attempt to add a massive amnesty for illegal aliens into a Defense Appropriations bill? I believe this is another attempt to slip this massive amnesty through the cracks against the very obvious will of United States citizens. The June avalanche of phone calls that shut-down the Capitol switchboard for the first time in history was a very clear statement by the citezens that we are against this. Why do both sides of the isle continue to try and slip it through?