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Transparency Recap: The Warming of a Cold Climate with Alleged Corruption Connections & Much More

By Lyle Hickman, VoterWatch Staff

The last time Alaska was mentioned in our Transparency Recap, Senators Ted Stevens and John Cowerdy were named, being brought up on alleged charges of corruption with connections to VECO oils. This time, the CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) blog titled, "Sarah Palin Ran 527, which raised corporate money, for Ted Stevens," directs our attention back to Alaska.

Stevens’ Federal Indictment, CRS Reporting, Consumer Rights & Wal-Mart’s Alleged Political Posturing

By Lyle Hickman and Billy Hallowell, VoterWatch Staff

Today's Transparency Recap starts way up north with our coldest state, Alaska. According to Talking Points Memo's, Republican Senator Ted Stevens was "arraigned last week on seven counts of false statements". After a federal indictment, without stagnation, Stevens regrouped and organized a rally. According to Talking Points Memo: 

Open Government, Illegals, FIS, Twitter & Astronomical Gas Prices

By Eric Margulies, VoterWatch Staff

This week’s edition of the Transparency Recap commences with the
implementation of a major step in the arena of governmental transparency. On
August 1st, The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of
saw its first act of realization take place as information pertaining
to lawmakers’ assets, liabilities and lobby-related-expenditures and gifts were
posted on the House Clerk’s website.

However, a quick perusal of the disclosure database proves slow and somewhat
difficult to navigate given its complex interface. In addition, the files can
only be viewed in .PDF format meaning that for many who are without the software
required to open .PDF files, the information is lost. Dan Auble at the Capital
Eye Blog writes about the current flaws with the system of disclosure and how
the Center for Responsive Politics is already seeking to remedy them:

Nonpartisan Endorsements, an Unsafe Embassy, and the Ideological Divide

This week’s Transparency Recap opens with a Corruption Chronicles blog entry entitled “‘Nonpartisan’ La Raza Council Endorses Obama.” The National Council of La Raza was founded in 1968 in Washington D.C. as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. While the organization touts nonpartisan status, Judicial Watch (via its blog, the Corruption Chronicles) is charging partisan support for the presumed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. According to Corruption Chronicles:

“...La Raza President Janet Murguia stood by as Los Angeles’ renowned Chicano mayor (Antonio Villaraigosa) praised the Illinois senator during the group’s annual convention in San Diego. A former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, Villaraigosa assured the crowd of thousands that Obama is Latinos’ best hope for reforming the nation’s federal immigration policies.”